About Us

We are a family run business with over 25 years experience in offering high quality and exclusive fishing holidays for both holidaymakers and holiday home owners. We operate in a very niche market (you won’t find any other company quite like us) and with our years of experience and customer feedback, we have become ‘experts’ at what we do.

Owners Paul, Sara & Chris, and all the staff at Lowfields, are so incredibly passionate about the park and the service we provide that when meeting us you can’t help but notice infectious enthusiasm and friendliness bubbling over!  We have a great reputation in the industry for having one of the most established holiday home and fishery developments in Lincolnshire, if not the country! You need read no further than our extensive customer comments page to see why.

When buying or holidaying at Lowfields, you will experience customer service that is second to none. Take a look below to learn about the team at Lowfields and who will be looking after you.

Who’s Who

Below are details about our friendly staff.

Paul Anderson : Managing Director

Paul Anderson

Managing Director

I first founded the business over 25 years ago, by buying the neighbouring land to my property which consisted of just two lakes and a few ‘falling down’ static caravans. Over the years, we grew the business into what is now our very successful Lowfields Country Holiday Fishing Retreat. Lowfields is in a picturesque and mature setting which, with the high levels of customer service and excellent fishing on offer, continues to attract and delight both holiday home owners and holiday makers alike. We are the specialists in offering holiday homes with fishing included and there's nowhere else quite like us. We are totally unique. It is true to say that once our customers have found us, at first they can't believe the superb location and then they never want to leave - doesn't that just say it all!

Chris Ashley : Director

Chris Ashley


Lowfields is a truly beautiful park and always seems encapsulated by an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. We have a great team at Lowfields who always strive to make the park better and better and its always fantastic to hear how much our owners and holidaymakers enjoy their time on the park, so it seems to be working! I have been a keen fisherman since the age of 5 and love fishing the lakes at Lowfields - I just wish I had more time to do it! It's fantastic to see how the park has progressed from its early beginnings, how the wildlife has flourished and newer areas of the park and lakes have matured wonderfully. Lowfields itself, and the lifestyle it offers is very unique, which is why we have customers travelling the length and breadth of the country (and even from abroad) to really enjoy it.

Sara Ashley : Director

Sara Ashley


As Paul’s daughter, I have worked in the business from a very young age. Although I work from home a lot nowadays raising our family, I still have a very active role in the business managing the administration, holiday lets and clerical employees. I’m very proud of Lowfields Retreat and what we’ve developed and love nothing more than coming in with the children to see all the wildlife and improvements that are always going on. For me, Lowfields is where I grew up, sitting up and reading a book underneath the big weeping willow tree on Grange Pond and it will always be a very special place to me. As I’m the one who opens all the customer satisfaction questionnaires, it’s great to know that our customers all feel the same!

Lyz Brough : Park Manager

Lyz Brough

Park Manager

Nev and I have been at Lowfields since November 2013 initially as Park Wardens but more recently  promoted to Park Managers and I am your first point of contact in Reception.  Prior to joining Lowfields, we have both worked at Holiday Parks for more than 10 years but they have never provided us with such a peaceful environment in which to work in.  Here at Lowfields, it’s not really  a job, it’s more a ‘way of life’ and we love the abundance of nature here at the park.  Our owners are lovely people and most feel like an extended family.  I love my days in Reception meeting and greeting our holidaymakers, many of which are regulars to the park who come back year after year – but then again, who can blame them!

Nev Brough : Park Manager

Nev Brough

Park Manager

Managing the park presents me with many challenges and ones I embrace on a daily basis.  Having first joined the team at Lowfields at the end of 2013 as a park warden, I thrive on the outdoors and with such surroundings offered at Lowfields and working with my wife, Lyz, this really is a dream come true for me!  Taking on the role of Park Manager allows me to make that extra difference and makes Lowfields even more of a special place that it already is.  The park has a real friendly, relaxed atmosphere and gives me job satisfaction to see holidaymakers and owners alike, having a great time here.  I also look forward to my summer evenings watching the birds and wildlife and not forgetting of course, doing a spot of fishing when I get the chance!

Tracy Williams : Holiday Home Sales Advisor

Tracy Williams

Holiday Home Sales Advisor

Upon joining in July 2014, I was given a very warm welcome into the Lowfields team. They really are a great bunch of characters to work with! Previously I have spent 5 years working with one of the largest UK Holiday Park companies and prior to this, always worked within the leisure and tourism industry. This allows me to have a good understanding of needs & requirements of people who are looking to enhance their lifestyle.

For me, I now have one of the best jobs in Lincolnshire, working in a truly fantastic environment, with the calmest of ambience and I can be seen most days wandering through the park with my camera in one hand and my gardening gloves in the other! Not having fished since I was a child (with my brother along the canal bank) I really do understand the attraction to Lowfields Retreat - and it's not just for the fishing!

Rob James : Park Warden

Rob James

Park Warden

Sandra and I have been with the company for a number of years now and I still love working on the park and supporting Nev with the grounds and maintenance on the park.  I work very closely with the whole team at Lowfields to ensure the park is always looking its best for both our owners and holidaymakers alike.  It’s such a great feeling to finish work on a summers evening and then go fishing on one of our 8 lakes or simply sit on our verandah watching the world go by.

Sandra James : Park Warden

Sandra James

Park Warden

Rob and I love the lifestyle Lowfields gives us and being part of the team in Reception really is ideal!  I enjoy taking our dog Sage along the country lanes and around the park and on my days off, I enjoy catching the local service bus into Lincoln for a little ‘retail therapy’ with my friends on the park.  Lowfields really is a great place in which to own your very own Holiday Home or to experience a great fishing holiday here so why not come and see what you’re missing!

There really is no better way to appreciate Lowfields and the people here than coming to see it for yourself